Welcome to the BRAND NEW EXCITING Website

An Apology

For some eight years now this site has been hosted by Freeserve then Wanadoo and finally Orange.    Sadly Orange has seen fit to ‘pull the plug’ and so we have had to branch out on our own.   This is a blessing in disguise, as it has enabled me to tidy up and pull all the various sites previously used together under one roof.


Well this title stems from the frustration of choosing a distinctive and relevant address, only to find that everything you try has been bagged already.

What you need is an exciting name that nobody else has chosen!   said my son Rhodri.

So that's what we came up with!


These are the links to the two main EXCITING groups:




The simple HTML format has been retained, however, with the very minimum of bells and whistles.

© Philip Richards  July 2008.